Department of Primary Health Care


Institute Director: Dr. Csikós Ágnes, associate professor
Address: 7623 Pécs, Rákóczi St. 2.
Phone: +36-72-533-100
Fax: 72-504-202

Each year, the Medical School recognizes 3 departments and 3 clinics, the best lecturers of theoretical and clinical subjects as well as excellent practice instructors based on the votes of graduating students.

Each year the Dean and the Director of the Clinical Centre recognize the performance of 3 theoretical and 3 clinical departments with the Excellent Department/Excellent Clinic award.

Institute of Primary Health Care

The responsibilities of the Institute of Primary Health Care include graduate and postgraduate education at the University of Pécs, participation in  national and international research programs and in the provision of palliative care. There are three departments in our institute: Department of Family Medicine, Department of Occupational Health and Department of Hospice-Palliative Care. Our tutors  offer optional courses in Hungarian, English and German, and the training courses on general practitioners practice constitute the basis for practical training. Our staff performs research in many fields both in Hungary and abroad and several instructors  of the Institue  serve as supervisors in PhD programs.


The Department of Family Medicine is involved in graduate education. The teaching of medical communication takes place in the first year. Our policy is to create a positive attitude towards medicine, and to introduce to medical students the beauty and challenges of the doctor-patient  relationship. The course is mandatory. The education of family medicine as a discipline starts from the 10th semester. Our goal is to offer an insight into the specific features of family medicine. Two-week practices  are offered in semesters 11-12, where the aim is to solve cumulative, differential diagnostic problems. The family medicine course is compulsory. We launched a number of optional curricula, eg.  Junior Bálint Group, Sign Language Communication in Medical Practice. The education is in Hungarian, English and German. We place great emphasis on the vocational and postgraduate training of family physicians.


The Department of Hospice-Palliative Care was first established in the country on 01/07/2012. The main responsibility is the implementation and further development of the hospice palliative approach and  practice at regional, national and international levels. These goals will be achieved through the development of graduate and postgraduate education and training programs including the expansion of forms of care, cooperation with regulatory  and financing administration, and the development of and participation in national and international research programs. The staff of the Department played a significant role in the development of palliative licence training. Aspects of palliative care are included in mandatory courses like oncology, family medicine and medical communication. We offer optional coures to our students , eg. „Palliative medicine and symptom management”, and a joined course with Law Faculty „Who shall decide at the end-of-life?”.


The Department of Occupational Health is responsible for teaching and research.  The main research profile is the applicability of biomarkers in occupational health practice. Graduate and postgraduate education are also included . The Department organizes postgraduate education and training of specialist doctors,  and coordinates  compulsory and optional training programs and the preparation and follow-up of relevant documentation.