Feedback Committee


To develop methods that give up-to-date information to the various units of the faculty (institutes, departments) on the quality of education and at the same time to continuously improve the overall quality of education.  


  • Ensure high quality education with the help of students’ feedback.
  • Involve students in the assessment and development of education.
  • Acknowledge lecturers’ high standard, quality work (quality education will be a requirement in the career path of lecturers)
  • Improve the cooperation between lecturers and students 

What is necessary to achieve all this?

  • Trust between lecturers and students based on mutual best interests, i.e. students are required to give voice to their opinion with responsibility whereas lecturers are required to consider feedback results and develop the quality of their lectures
  • State of the art, and cost effective facilities. Questionnaires on paper format are both outdated and costly.
  • Data protection – independent of anonymity – that complies with all requirements, including the Act on data protection.
  • Change in perspective, or in other words in paradigm is necessary both from lecturers and students as education is a mutual relationship with the students, hence their opinion is a significant part of the improvement of the quality of education. Change in perspective is also a requirement from the students who are continuously helping the establishment of high standard education as conscious “clients” by expressing their opinion regarding the various subjects based on their experiences and not their bias.